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A 2-d fantasy shooter game with great selection of spells and magical trinkets to unlock; many unique monsters to kill and bosses to slay. Has over 50 levels with ramping difficulty level.


You'll be playing as a mage with a wide range of spells to unlock, and create the perfect combination of spells and trinkets to beat the challenging levels and progress forward. You'll face countless hordes of monsters and also intimidating bosses. It's a challenging game but also tons of fun. You will fail but also want to try again.


  • Neat retro graphics!
  • Many unique enemies to fight - over 13 different enemies and 4 boss fights.
  • Big arsenal of spells to choose from - 19 unique spells.
  • Challenging difficulty level - no hand holding tutorials and steeply rising difficulty level on over 50 levels.
  • Grade system – rank up from zero to hero with 26 different grades.
  • Choose your own way to fight – combine spells and trinkets to create the perfect strategy.
  • Gorgeous fantasy music by Adrian von Ziegler!

Some Spells

Conjure & Throw (level 1 spell)

Conjure random objects out of thin air and send the flying at your enemies.

Fireball (level 1 spell)

Basic spell in every mage's spell book!

Fire Clap (level 1 spell)

One spark is not dangerous but thousand is! Clap and send thousand sparks flying at your foes.

Holy Blessing (level 1 spell)

Rejuvenate health and generate a defensive bubble for a while.

Ice Knight (level 1 spell)

Conjure a knight made of ice to fight by your side - until it melts away.

Fire Walk (level 2 spell)

Set the ground ablaze beneath your feet. Also shields you from all fire for the duration, naturally!

Flash Transport (level 2 spell)

Transport a location in an instant. ...Like magic!

Guardian (level 3 spell)

Erect a guardian statue that will shoot ultra powerful beams of laser at your foes.

Some Enemies

Skele Scout

A very basic enemy. Easy enough to kill but dangerous in large groups

Skele Spearman

Will start charging at fast speed if provoked even slightly.

Skele Warrior

Surprisingly masterful at sword and shield. Special tactics must be employed to defeat this foe.

Fire Hog

Slow and lumbering. But watch out! It will frequently belch out a volley of fireballs.

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